Learning for the Future Individual purchases, step two
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This is the process for purchasing an individual access code to the Educator's Virtual Mentor (EVM). This code allows you to use EVM as a personal development and research tool. This access code does not permit you to use the resource to demonstrate instructional strategies or use the EVM resource to coach other educators. School accounts are available through EVM. These accounts provide access to anyone in your building to have a personal access code. You may use the contact link at the bottom of the page to arrange for a school purchase.

We trust you will handle your access code and the permissions assigned to your code with integrity. Enjoy your individual purchase access code.

Woody and Rob

This is a four (4) step process. Here are the steps you'll need to complete:

Step One

Congratulations! You've already taken the first step buy choosing to access Educator's Virtual Mentor.

Step Two

Below, select the length of the subscription that you wish to purchase. Then, click the "Buy Now" button to proceed with the purchase through Pay Pal.™

Step Two
Step Three

Log in to Pay Pal, review your order and if it's correct hit the "Pay Now" button. There will be a page telling you that you are being redirected back to Educator's Virtual Mentor. WAIT until the user name page loads.

Step 3, Pay Pal
Step Four

After making your purchase, Step #4 requires you to enter your key code and create your password. You will receive an e-mail with your access code. You do not have an access code to the resource until you enter your password and complete the process.

Step 4, Create user name and password

Here is where you complete Step #2 of four steps.

Please choose the length of time you would like to purchase for Educator's Virtual Mentor. Please note that there are significant discounts for multiple year purchases.

Access to Educators
Virtual Mentor

After submitting payment you will be directed to the EVM web page to create your password for your access code. Your e-mail and the password you create will be your access code. The process is not complete until you submit the information regarding your password.

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